The Real British Experience

The Real London Bus Company was started by two British blokes, both born and raised in London. Now living in Phoenix, these old school mates, perhaps feeling slightly homesick, decided one day to import something that reminded them of the old world. The Queen wasn't available so they got the next best thing - a double Decker bus.

Q. How many people can say they have watched Saguaro cacti go by from the top deck of an English double Decker bus?

A. 6494 that's how many people rode on our buses last year.


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party bus limo phoenix scottsdale tempeparty bus limo phoenix scottsdale tempe


Find us on Google+ Robots love key words | If you're looking to get a sun tan Phoenix is the place for you. Cowboys ride horses into Old Town Scottsdale at dusk. Mill avenue Tempe is full of ASU students. Go see Coyotes and Cardinals play at Glendale Westgate arenas. Big red party bus oh yeah baby. Our bus is bigger than a limo and that’s a fact jack. Why not charter a bus for prom? We can shuttle you to a sports game or concert. We do pub crawls almost every week.

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